1How can I register for a training course?
You can register for a course by clicking on the REGISTER/LOGIN tab or sending us an e-mail at hd.eto@airvistara.com. Please fill in the application form and include the payment for the course.
2What approval do training courses comply with?
TSAL training courses comply with DGCA India and EASA regulations.
3What qualifications do I obtain after successfully completing the training?
Different courses will award you with different certifications. Upon completion of type training, you will receive a Certification of Recognition of Type Aircraft.
4Upon course completion, how long will I have to wait before I receive my certificate?
You will receive the certificate within 15 days of completion of the onsite courses. For online courses, certificate can be printed immediately after successfully completing it.
5Once I have been certified, what is the validity period of the course?
Your type course certificate is valid without expiry, however, local airworthiness authorities and organisation policies will be applicable. The regulatory courses are valid for two years.
6Can I request for an exclusive one-on-one training?
We require minimum 10 participants for a type training and 7 participants for a regulatory training to ensure we offer cost-effective prices to you.
7Can we request for an in-house training at our facility?
We offer training courses for all our clients throughout Southeast Asia and these courses are customizable as per our customer’s needs. For certified courses, in-house training is subject to approval from local airworthiness authorities.
8What is the typical duration for a course?
Our training course duration spans from one day to over a month, depending on the course. Please find the duration for the various courses:
1. Type Courses: 30-34 days (theory) +10 days (OJT)
2. Professional Courses: 3-5 days
3. Refresher Courses: 1-3 days (depending on the company/customer requirement)
9How many attempts are applicable for an examination?
Passing percentage for all exams is 75%, below which is considered ‘Fail’. For type courses, you can appear for exams for a maximum of two attempts.
10If I am unable to attend the training after I have already paid the fees, will I be eligible for a refund?
You can contact our office to re-schedule the course as your payment will still be valid. If you still do not wish to avail the training, you can opt for a refund (refund amount will be calculated after deduction of the administration cost, if any).