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We aim to help our students to acquire the skills they need to become the best workforce in the aviation industry and build a long term relationship with our training organisation.


"Be recognised as a global training organisation and airline company that fulfills all engineering training needs, seeks out transforming technologies and trains personnel to work with highest safety standards."


In 2013, two legendary brands, Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, decided to fulfill a long-cherished shared dream to bring forth a distinguished flying experience to air travelers in India. With its strong historical ties with aviation, the Tata group had long wished to re-enter the aviation sector, after Tata Airlines was renamed Air India and eventually, nationalized.

Both, the Tata group and Singapore Airlines were also firm believers in the growth potential of the Indian aviation sector and hence tried to enter the market in the past; first, in 1994 by setting up a joint venture to start an airline in India and then in 2000, teaming up to purchase stakes in Air India.

However, after the lifting of foreign investment restrictions in 2012, the partners once again sought approval for a tie-up, which it obtained in October 2013. On November 5, 2013, Vistara’s holding company, TATA SIA Airlines Limited, was incorporated.

The common goal of the joint venture is to redefine air travel in India to provide Indian travelers a seamless and personalized flying experience that blends Tata’s and SIA’s service excellence and legendary hospitality.

The brand name ‘Vistara’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Vistaar’ that means ‘a limitless expanse’. The name Vistara draws inspiration from the world that Vistara inhabits, viz. the ‘limitless’ sky.

The brand also draws stimulus from the image that passengers most associated with a smooth and enjoyable flight – the endless, blue horizon they see through the windows of an aircraft. As it aims to transform the flying experience of travelers in India, Vistara christens its brand tagline as ‘fly the new feeling’.